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Often times we go through life thinking we know it all and understand it all. We think we have everything figured out and nothing can ever surprise us. It is as if we know and assume that whatever situations  we involve ourselves in, we will go through it unscathed. I guess we are all like that until we are caught ourselves being in a moment that is unfamiliar to us.

These unfamiliar situations can occur in the context of life, relationships, faith and even in career. These situations can surprise us because our true sense of self will be revealed. These can lead you to question or doubt the thing you thought were true. These situations can lead you to face aspects of your self that you have never known. These can lead you to make choices; choices that will change not just your life but others as well.

It’s scary isn’t it? Because during this time the decisions you make will have a consequence that is so life altering that you won’t be able to go back to how things were. It is scary but as they all say nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Growth doesn’t come easy. Success doesn’t follow a smooth path and a faithful life is one that is traversed is the narrowest of roads.

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But how do we know if we are on the right track? How do we know if this is what God wants us to do? How do we know if our actions will lead us to something that is good?

The steps I have with you are those that have helped me get through and grow through.

  1. We should always start with a prayer. Prayer calms our hearts and aligns us with the will of God.
  2. Godly things are not done in an ungodly manner. If you will do something bad or hurt anyone along the progress, there is a huge chance that you are already off track.
  3. Whatever situation you are in, don’t decide out of pure emotion. If we think about it, Scripture says “In your anger, do not sin”, how many times have we lost someone simply because we are angry. How many times have we done something selfish because of what we initially though of as love?
  4. Hold yourself accountable to someone and cry out to God. Scripture says 1. “Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for You” 2) A friends loves at all times and a brother is born in adversity. Hearts can feel heavy and at times it may seem that the world us upon our shoulders, but wouldn’t it be beautiful if others could share our burden. It is an amazing feeling to unload our hearts to someone but before anyone else, talk to God first
  5. The patience in waiting. Sometimes we get ourselves in situations wherein we do not know whether to go on or just give up. In times like these, we could wait a little more to see how things turn out.
  6. Make the impossible choice. The process of deciding on something takes time, but how do we know if something is right. Sometimes only time will tell but there are some of my personal guidelines 1) What is my motive? 2) Are my intentions honorable 3) Am I at peace with my decision or is this something that is decided halfheartedly, for others or out of fear 4) Can I live with the consequences of my decisions?
  7. Pray for courage. We don’t always know it, but deciding on something takes courage.

But what if you have decided on somethings, and you realise that something is wrong or that you decide that it is no longer for you? I guess this will also make use of what is written above.: Praying, waiting, crying out to the Lord, waiting, being accountable to others and finally the decision making. But if we are faced with such difficult scenarios we must bear in mind that although we are free to decide we are not free to choose the consequences.

But what if we make wrong decisions, if this is the case, one should learn from it. Decisions good or bad will bring forth growth. The learning may come sooner than later or even generations after. More than anything, the growth depends not from the situation but on how we respond to it.

Hopefully, as we face the next year we will have more faith and more courage to decide on things that truly matter and the grit to live through it.

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