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While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Oh, my lady, morning sunshine of my day;
Oh, pretty lady, you are glowing so brightly.
Come, cometh to me, let’s walk on my vast property;
Running from the north to the south, from west to the east.
From the top of the mountain ridges;
To the plainland of maize, sugar cane and rice fields.
From the white sand bay to the deep-blue sea and ocean;
From the rainforest to the valleys of hills and river basin.

Hear, hear my lady, the birds are singing a sweet melody,
Look, look up the trees, the monkeys are smiling at thee.
Be proud my lady, the Lions and tigers are guarding thy way,
Thee stare at the lilies, tulips and roses showing off their beauties.
Fly, let’s fly high and lie down on the softness of the fluffy clouds.
Look up the night sky, full of dazzling stars and striking meteorites.
Look at my blazing eyes, expressing my hidden burning desire
Look at this tiny brilliant stone, say yes, I will walk thee in the aisle.

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