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I might not know how difficult this time is for you right now, but what I know is you are trying real hard.

Some days you laugh and some days you feel like falling into a bottomless pit of despair. All the disappointments that scarred your heart, all the failures that crushed your worth, all the moments when you felt a lump on your throat, all the happy smiles that you faked, all the jokes you cracked that came from your sad heart, all the discouragements that were thrown at you and hit you hard, all these and all the other things I can add to this list, these are heavy in your heart. I know. I understand. I really do.

And yet,
here you are,
you are still fighting, aren’t you?
You keep pressing forward.
You keep going because you are such a strong person. YOU ARE.
You are strong because God’s arms are holding you. You can trust His sturdy arms, my dear friend. His arms won’t fail you.

His loving heart aches for you as you shed your silent tears in the middle of the night. The Lord cares for your pain and for trying so hard not to let it consume you. He cares for the loneliness in your heart you keep hidden from everyone. He feels it. He sees it.

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Because more than anyone else in this world, He is the one who truly cares for you. He cares because He loves you so so deeply.

Know that you can talk to Him. Pour your heart out unto Him. I am sure He will understand, He surely will. Tell Him how difficult it is for you to keep going. Tell Him how exhausting it is for you to face every blow of the enemy because each of it just seems to be your last straw. Tell Him how much struggle you have to endure just to keep a straight face when it feels like everything is crushing down on you. Tell Him your courage is waning to the point that you almost have none. You can tell Him everything. He will listen. Your burden doesn’t burden Him for He is the God of universe. And the God of universe is your Father, you are His child.

You are precious to Him.

He loves to hear you. Please know that nothing you say will make Him love you less.

To you my friend, the Lord is glad that you keep putting one foot in front of the other. He is proud of you for keeping your heart brave even when all you want is to give up.

And, I want to tell you that He is going to be there for you come what may. He is not going to let you fight all these battles alone in the dark. He is going to carry you and you are going to finish this race together with Him. He is going to fill you again with hope and courage and you will know that you are going to be okay because you are His. He is with you always, that’s His promise to you. 

Keep going.

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