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Hey you,

First of all, I want to appreciate you because you look so fine and manly. You have a sweet smile, a gentle voice, your beard looks good on you and can I just say how the look in your eyes can make someone feel so good that it can make someone wants to look at those eyes for the rest of her life?

It’s weird to admire someone you don’t really know personally but, I am thankful we are in this age where we are able to know someone on line and somehow be part of their lives.

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I admire you in many things and to mention a few, I like what kind of brother you are to your siblings, how loving son you are to your parents and how good you are as a friend. I can see people feeling so blessed because they know someone like you. Some of them say you are ideal man, while other says you are very kind, and majority of them says you are pogi. Hahaha!

But you know what? What I admire about you the most is your heart for Jesus, your obedience to God’s calling in your life, the courage of denying your own feelings, emotions and your own desire for the sake of committing to God. I admire you for embracing the purpose God has given you.

There are so many things to like and admire about you but your obedience to God makes you even more attractive, it makes you the man every girl would long to spend the rest of their lives with.

I admire you and you amazes me. There are days you make my heart beat fast, like when you asks me if there is anything you can pray for me and you call me to pray for me over the phone, or when you asks me how am I doing and we have this small talk that ends after few chats because we’re not really that close yet.

I don’t know but, you make me feel so different, you make me feel good and you always makes me praise God even more because you inspire me. I am completely aware that I shouldn’t rely on how I feel about you, because maybe these are just feelings and emotions… but I am praying for you.

I pray that you will not get tired of following and shining for Jesus.

I pray that you will always depend and rely on God when you feel like you are running out of strength.

I pray for your safety and protection.

I pray that you will always rely on God’s approval and confirmation in every decision you will make.

I pray that you will have the discernment that is align in the will and word of God.

I pray for provision in everything that you will need.

I pray for your continuous growth spiritually.

I pray for your health, that you will take care of yourself.

I pray that you will always put God first in your life.

And I pray, that if God finally gave you someone whom you will able to spend the rest of your life with, I pray that you will both love each other in a way that honors God, even if it is not me.

I will continue to pray for you.

I pray that God will guide me in guarding my heart and help me to wait.

I pray that the motives and intention of my heart towards you will be genuine.

I am blessed and deeply inspired by how God moves in your life.

You inspire me.

 I pray that you will never lose the fire.

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