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How are you, man? I hope you’re not getting tired of hunting on the right place where you can bring down your intentions.

Being a man requires you to step up pursuing the one you’ve been looking for. You’re on the wild valley where not everything you see is comfortable and easy. Nature requires you to be tough and listening to the beat of your heart is not always enough for you to survive. Trust the hidden truth in between your ears. This can serve as your shield when uncertainties come in.

Always remind yourself that just like the hunter, searching for the one you eye won’t always give exactly what you are asking for. But be ready to catch someone who may have wounds from the past. You are there to share healing with love and understanding. You will pursue not because of but in-spite of.

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Hunting sometimes is also about waiting. Don’t lose a heart if time seems not working according to your deadline. The universe is just working so hard to build the character you need to fulfill for your mission. It’s better to delay the moment for now if the future will bring out the best in you to reach out the one you see as your mission partner in all quests of life.

Don’t be shaken if things get harder along the way. Rejection and disappointment may lose your direction to move forward. Have enough rest and ask humility to align your heart with your master so he will be with you to catch the most shining star from the heaven and bring it to your loving arms. Remember, he is a generous master. He loves to give more to those who truly follow him.

Your hands will get dirty. Your arms will get bruises. It’s okay to feel weak at a time but one thing for sure you will never be alone. For the battle is no longer for you alone!

Step up, man! Never leave the place without a clarity of where it leads you. Don’t do any best foot forward. Do your part to serve and your master will do his part to impress the heart of his beautiful creation.

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