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To the person who almost took my life.
We’ve been together for months. Those times were magical, I am hoping and praying for them not to end.
I can still remember the smile you gave me. How you hug me tightly and whisper ‘I miss you’ in a soft tone voice.
How you’re caressing my back every time that I am stress.
I can still remember all the joyrides we had. All the food trips, and fast food dates.
I still remember how happy we are, when were eating beef broccoli made by my mom.
We’re so happy that, I forgot that we will come to the time that you will leave me.
You almost took my life, when one day you said to me that you never love me at all.
That those countless times that we’re together is nothing.
You almost took my life when you leave me hanging.
You know that I can’t take so much pain, yet you’re the one who gave me the whole trauma.
How ironic that you promised me to stay with me til’ 3001, yet you leave me like I was nothing
. How painful it is when you say that I am your stronghold, yet you’re the one who abandoned me.
How devastating it is when you said countless times how much you love me, yet you almost killed me when you said I was nothing to you.
To the man who almost took my life, you made my life miserable.
I hate you for breaking me, yet I still love you for giving me the pain.
The pain is irresistible and so hard to carry on.
I hope the time will heal my wound, but I know it will leave so much scars.
To still shed tears over the memories we had, to still cry overnight because I am hearing your voice in my head.
My mom love you so much, yet you also broke her heart. Love, you almost took my life.
But I will get through this pain.
To shed more tears, to cry alone at night, to listen to the voice inside my head,
to feel the clench of my heart in pain are always been a process.
To the man who almost took my life, be happy.
I love you, but you destroy the woman you once build.

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