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I am speaking to those people who almost gave up. To those who almost gave up on themselves because somebody made them feel worthless. To those who lost their hope in love because someone was not genuine to them. To those who surrendered their dreams for something that didn’t last. To those who took the risk of committing their lives to someone, but left them hanging in the end. To those who are broken inside and hiding behind fake smiles. To those who constantly pushes themselves to rise up every single day, even though they are in great pain. To those who try so hard to listen, but nobody else listens to them. To those who got tired and sick of the games that was brought by fake relationships and fake people. To those who were unappreciated, even with the smallest efforts that mean so much to them. To those who were mistreated by the people around them, because they were only trying to be who they really are. To those who are always conscious on the opinions of others and make their lives worse every day. To those who are not capable to trust anyone anymore. Keep your hopes up.

The pain that you are experiencing right now could be your greatest blessing. Maybe someone walked away because someone better is coming along the way. Maybe you had to be betrayed so someone could match into the loyalty that you always give. Maybe you had to struggle every day, fighting for your happiness so you’ll experience overwhelming joy when someone fights along with you. Maybe you have to feel unappreciated, so when someone appreciates you for who you are, you’ll know how real love feels. Maybe you have to experience criticisms from your past mistakes, so you will know how to do something right. Maybe you had to go through all of it, so you’ll be the person that you are now. Because right now, you are braver and stronger than who you once were. You are now capable of making decisions that would never be dependent on others’ opinions about you. You’ll be more careful and wiser before opening up your heart again. You will now learn how to be selfless and love without regrets. You will not harden your heart and close it to anyone who desires to have it. You will be bold in sharing that genuine smile of yours. You don’t have to pretend anymore.

So if you are that person, tap yourself again and keep on going. Your pain today is not the end of your beautiful life. Your struggles today doesn’t define you and who you can become. Your fears doesn’t have to control you forever. Your regrets should be thrown away so you could start again. Your heartbreak doesn’t have to destroy your worth. So, keep on believing in yourself. You are worth so much more. You deserve the same amount of love that you always give. You deserve the life that you have always dreamed of. Just hang in there. Just be patient. You are doing fine. Your time will come.

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