This is to you who has a battle that only himself knows. You may be feeling like you’re about to give up, don’t. The air you are breathing is one of the proofs that there’s still hope, hope in Him who created this universe.


This is to you who feels alone. The emptiness you are feeling inside you is eating you up. You do not feel anyone’s presence anymore. But this is the best time to feel His presence.


This is to you who are struggling to get back on your feet. The process is difficult, slow and tiring. But, take one step at a time. Remember to embrace the journey. And bear in mind that you will get there, slowly but surely. As you get back on your feet, run to Him.


And to you, who just sent me a message expressing your struggles, your pleas, and your feelings despite barely knowing each other: the Lord loves you. The pain that you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that’s coming. (Romans 8:18)