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I know how this story ends.

Cause there are places you go back to
Seemingly familiar scent, impossibly comforting warmth
This… feels wrong but feels so right at all levels.

With all the chaos, I find peace in your arms
And when you’re gone it feels like everything just crumbles down
Down to a place where I’m all by myself
Down to that pit where I have to push myself up
Pull myself together only to find myself falling at the exact same spot
Only this time, deeper and harder
Burning with so much intensity, one’s sanity cannot even comprehend.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Maybe the only answer to keeping myself whole
Is taking us out of the picture
But maybe the only saving we need,
Is to not be whole.

I know we’re playing push and pull
But every time you get near, you tug a part of me
that even the coldest, deepest corners of my heart have kept
you just have a way of breaking the walls I’ve tried to build for years.

I still find comfort in our memories…
The way you hold my hands and the way you drown me with those eyes.
This is so deep… I can’t even find a way back.

This is dangerously real.
Something we’ll never get to conceal.
However, we are a battle we’ll never win.

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