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The right one will come at the right time. His coming will not be forced, as well as how love will grow within both of you for each other.

The right one will see your beauty – not just the one visible only to naked eye. Like a paradise, you won’t have to do anything to be noticed by him. You won’t have to show what he already sees.

The right one will see your value. He will treasure and respect you. He knows very well that you are God’s daughter and that you deserve to be treated well.

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The right one will pursue you with perseverance. He will not easily retreat. His genuine feelings will fuel him to commit in the pursuit, because he clearly sees that you are worth all the risk. Most of all, he will pursue you in a way that honors God. The right one will do it right.

The right one will not act based solely on his emotions. He will ask for guidance from the Lord on how to court you properly, because he knows that you are precious in God’s sight, too.

The right one’s coming will answer questions and not add more. The questions you’ve had in your years of waiting and why you had to go through heartbreaks will all be gone. He will be the answer to all the why’s.

The right one will not rush. He will respect your values.

The right one will help make you a better person. He will not just make you blush with his sweet words and actions, but will ignite the fire in your spirit.

The right one will bring you closer to God, not away from him. He will not be God’s competitor for your love. Instead, he will make His voice more audible to your ears. He will be the Lord’s physical manifestation of His unconditional and unending love. He will come as a gift and a blessing. He won’t be perfect, but when he finally arrives, you will know he was sent by God to be your best companion for life. Your relationship will make both of you grow together in your journey toward faith. You will be partners in fulfilling both your God-given purpose.

The right one will make your soul dance for joy — the kind that is incomparable with the happiness you felt in the past with superficial romance.

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