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A friend just asked me how can they keep their marriage since it looks like being separated is now a trend. Ironic – asking from someone who is separated hahaha di pede magbigay payo (natrigger magsulat)

I guess you can’t really say it is the new trend. Women nowadays feels more empowered. Google if you want to understand deeper but that doesn’t give us women (of course) a reason to just jump off the cliff. Everyone has their own perspective in life, identity and PRIORITIES.

I still don’t agree with separation as a whole – you should work hard on it and wag simulan kung di kaya panindigan. Ika nga ng matatanda ang kasal di yan parang kanin na kapag napaso ka iluluwa mo lang kaya magisip mabuti. But I guess hindi para sa lahat ang pagpapasakal (ay namali spelling LOL) hahaha. Apologies to my catholic family and friends who still have their happy ever after. ///OMG who does not want a happy ever after…. (with extra drizzle, sunshine and a lot of thunderstorm)! 🙂 ///

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So what did I tell him? At first, wanted to tell him things he needs to stop doing or iwasan. And realized it’s better to ask these questions:

  1. What do you think you’re doing good?
  2. What can you do better?
  3. What can you start doing?
    … soo parang magSprint retrospective po tayo HAHAHAHAHA so bi-monthly or monthly ang Sprint retrospective dapat with your spouses (pakidate sila ng makapagreflect kayo HAHAHA work pa din sorry naman umaa-Agile kuno)

Haba! Soo, what did I tell him. I asked him the 3 questions. And added some salt and pepper to taste plus dessert 😛

  1. Salty part – don’t EVER open their phones. Or simply just give space, trust and have ’em keep their old and new better self.
  2. Peppery Hot?! – Date. Have chugchug (P.S. only with your spouse). You can look, but no touch sabi nga ng Mr. Queen Kdrama. Excluded our kids in this post btw lols
  3. Dessert – something sweet, classic and basic – Love. In all forms. Learn their love language I guess, ask? They may not want your gifts and flowers that much but appreciates more to just receive hugs, hold hands and keep tabs of what happened during the day.

Sometimes there are walls that we don’t need to break. Why not climb over it, get a ladder or better, build your own stairs one step/level at a time to get to the other side…

Trend or no trend. Uso pa din ang magmahal. Mahalin ang kapwa, kaibigan, anak at pamilya. Of course, mahalin ang sarili at Sya. ❤

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