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It’s been forty weeks; she  can hardly believe you’re asking forgiveness in her .  She doesn’t like being stone-hearted , but you made her this way. You were one of her closest friends, her  confidant, and her first boyfriend. It’s awkward to be around  your mutual  friends and pretend nothing is happening behind closed doors. It’s hard  for her to forgive someone who she has trusted much but betrayed her.

She  realized she loved you those times that she was  selfless. Seems like she was the last to figure it out. She  wonders  if she should tell you of how happy and blessed she is after you lost sight on her.  She changes when you left. She loves  herself after chasing the person who doesn’t truly love her, fell for someone who used  her  again.

You were her first but not her last. You destroyed her, and didn’t care. Now, she is working to realize that she is enough. You got what you wanted, and now you’re onto the forgiveness that she can hardly give. You  hurt the one who cares about you and treated her  like a joke . Maybe you have realized that the joke is on you now. So, back off!

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She is enjoying her  time in peace without you anymore.  She is spending longer sleeps  at night without worries that kill her mind.
She has a  genuine connection with herself and has found something even more beautiful, stronger, and more consistent.

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