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Meeting you is the most extraordinary form of pure delight in regards to my life’s dictionary. I’ve waited too long for a perfect definition of love in my life to exist, and a man surprisingly came that filled all the settled standards I have made as I build myself along the way. Indeed, I was not aware that I could be pleased with the decision of having you enter my world – on behalf of my means for being a strong independent woman.

As I heal myself, you are there. You gave yourself to be my fortress every time I express my weaknesses. I am like a bird diving in the sea of clouds full of joy when you told me that whenever there’s a problem messing up with my mind, there should be the presence of you being a part of it, for we are now one. Aren’t we enjoy solving our problems by picking up all the lessons that can deepen our soul’s connection even more?

I am grateful that you looked after me, for I am fragile. You want me to explore, to step for myself, and you are just at my back, standing as my guide. You let my fortitude feel that you are my home, that you are my shelter from now on up until forever. Those were when my visions are full of wonders, with gleaming diamond cores that I think emerged from my belief I have met someone I can love for all eternity.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

In anticipation, the disaster came into our midst of intimacy. We are both in love; we indeed witnessed ourselves in the future placidly. Everything is admittedly ideal for us, and we are both aware of the commitment and passion that we have for each other. Though the time suddenly came, as I lay my head with the stars and moon in my eyes, I never knew that we’ve met for us to be departed. You know I am in pain, but I also comprehend that you can’t imagine me hurting more. We both are not wrong, and the two feelings are left unjust. You cannot hold on because you have your reasons; I, too, can’t. We are not allowed to give our pure affection deeper anymore. What’s worst is what we do is different from what we feel; that made us hurt more further. We both understand that we don’t have a choice but to go.

Perhaps we are not destined, for God knows we are not for each other. We just met to mold us a lesson, but I want you to know that I grew and learned to turn my weaknesses into my strength because of you. Even though we are not suited in our Creator’s eyes, but He still has a purpose amidst our hearts. The most considerable help to us is the no connection, and I pray that all the decisions we have made will lead us to a happy life someday. You are now leaving, and I cannot let you go, but we need to have a bad person for us to be free because we are too good to be apart. There is nothing wrong with either of us, and you choose to be bad.

In case our path crosses when the day comes, I want you to remember that once upon a time, my soul, and most of all, my heart, was yours.

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