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Here are some borrowed words,

Since I have an empty stock.

I saw her, alone in the twilight.

Her golden locks, rocking in the

Wind cradle,

Lips parted, giving way to a

Sugar breath,

She stared at the horizon.

Birds flew twittering by,

Leaving the leaves trembling.

Sun plunged where sight refused to go.

She dropped her eyelids,

Flooding the crystal lakes beneath,

Two pearlsome teardrops

Fell on me; I blushed a bit.

I tried to retain those

Those precious containers of anecdotes.

Twinkling at me, they started

Moving down.

I beheld two rolling bioscopes

Of diamond skies,

Since they mirrored all they faced

Through their roundy surface.

I shouted desperately

"Hey, don't rush my delicate friends,

You will be scattered to thousands!

Tell me the tale why did she cry.

Where did she fail, how did she try."

One of them played me false,

Scattered to droplets,down on my stems.

Another ceased my brink anigh

With stars inscribed countless.

It questioned me crossed what I sought.

Why I hindered its demise

Though I thrive, why I strive

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To see its mistress’ eyes?

I replied,

She is not only yours

But also mine, mine beloved too.

She planted my soul;

Regarded my growth.

So, I did her adore.

So, I cared, what if I stared?

So, I fostered her delight.

When in the night, my princess cried,

Her broken heart so teared.

I being, her broken heart darling,

I garnish her garden yard.

Garnish her mind, garnish her soul;

Garnish her euphoric years.

All on a sudden, the evening star

Dazzled my eyes through the tear drop

Which followed its friend

Dispersed to fragments

Down on my stems, a salty scar.

It kept untold that anecdote old

Which made my mistress cry.

I abode her Broken heart dear

Following her footsteps to far from near.

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