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Hello Love,

Goodbye! Funny how I always said my goodbyes, how I always write something about bidding my farewell to you, about freeing myself, about freeing you. However, would that final goodbye come into light? I hope so. I am very much hoping. 🙁
Hopefulness, you thought me that, bigtime. You thought me to hope. You thought me to hope for us. I hope for us. I hoped that there are beyond your words such as,
 “Kumusta ka?”
 “Kumain ka na?”
 “Miss na kita!”.
Now, I am hoping that my burning bush of emotion towards you will soon flicker. Heck, I am not even hoping for a sudden dim, just a twilight is all I am asking for.
But anyways, i just wanted to say my gratefulness towards you.
Thank you for all the late night convos. I enjoyed our witty conversations,
 how we shared our hate towards the current situation of the Philippines,
 how we dearly love our families, especially you, as you are the eldest among your siblings and that I would make a funny remarks that every panganay would never get married or had a hardtime of finding the one because of too much meddling in family affairs,
 how you attentively listen to my every carreer plans and always encourage me to go beyond. Thank you. 🙂
Thank you for your Neflix recommendations. I am not fond of zombies, ghost, murder, thrillers but atleast I got to watch movies and series of those genres because of you.
And thank you for your broken promises. Although they gave me a little disappointments and a little bit of pain, at least they brought me a flicker of hope. They brought me fleeting happiness.
“I hope your dreams will come true. I hope the desires of your heart will soon come true”. – that’s what you wish for me on my birthday. But love, the one that I am hoping for is you.
And now, as I am coming into light, I am finally accepting that you, my dream will remain a dream. That soon when I wake up, i might think of you just a little bit . Then I will forget you and move on, move forward. And you, soon, will be a silhouette in the dark, unseen and forgotten.
Hello love, you are my twilight, the end of my day, my night. Good bye! Good night!
See you one day! We may bump into each other. By then, I will smile and wave at you.
By then, I will let you meet my dawn, my sunrise. 🙂

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