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“‘Coz that “GOODBYE” is my simple way of saying “I LOVE YOU”, but I have to sacrifice”

I’m 99% sure that you don’t like me anymore
But 1% is enough for me to hold on
If not forever
Stay with me for the longest time you can…

Just because my eyes don’t tear
Doesn’t mean that my heart never cried
Just because I comes off a little strong, 
Doesn’t mean that nothing’s wrong…

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

My friend once asked, if you don’t love me
I just closed my eyes and said; “Wishes do come true.”
If it’s not you, 
It will never be you…

But if you really are for me
Then, we will always be no matter how I set you free
It’s sad to think that you will never be mine
But it’s sadder to realized that I know it all from the start…

What am I supposed to do? 
Just when I thought, I was going to get you back
You go away from me again
Yes, you disappear…

If it’s over, give me that last one chance to say goodbye
But don’t think I don’t care at all
‘Coz that goodbye is my simple way of saying “I LOVE YOU” 
But I have to sacrifice…

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