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This is the nth time that I thought this

And all those times are failed

I tolerate mistakes ‘till they became a sin

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Pain and passion made me selfish

Nevertheless, I ended up selfless

My mind keeps reminding me to leave

Otherwise, my heart won’t let me despite how wrecked it is

Seeing myself get used to disappointment, upset me

Seeing you with glee is my euphoria

Guess they’re right, if you really devoted to that person, give their felicity

It’s the affection that is most romantic given by the most affectionate of all

I once learned from mistakes, but do you know why we still fall on the same mistake over again?

Forasmuch as it’s the only way that could give us joy and satisfy our feelings we still risk

Collecting the same lesson, but never using it

Sometimes lesson will stay as a word reminding us that it’s a mistake but can never stop us

As we are accustomed to pain, rejection, and disappointments we’ll never get excited to smooth flows

Hours, days, weeks I thought of this I may not unbosom my latent feelings explicitly

At least I told you the half of the story

Blissfully I got any answers from you that would certainly help me sort out things at once

I’m horrified that I might fail again, but this time around, there’s no turning back

I can’t really make right from wrong

It will stay a mistake as it is

As I write this down, I’m still in doubt and don’t want to let you go Nevertheless, I drown myself in this mistake for too long and guess it’s time to start a brand new life

Thanks a million on behalf of all success and dark times I overcome through you

Thanks a bunch for being my inspiration and motivation to end the day with hope

Thank you for all the words and for letting me be a part of your story

Thank you for allowing me to know you more

Thank you for giving your trust in me

Thank you for letting me entertain your loneliness and handle your breakdowns Thank you for showing me the real fragile you

Thank you for all those times that I felt special though it’s blunt for you

Thank you for showing around and unending teases that made my day

Thank you for remembering things about me that I almost forget

Thank you for telling me how you thought of me when it rains

Thank you for being a blessing to my life

Thank you for making my heart sway in glee

Thank you for all the lessons.

I set you free, soar high with your wings wide open to protect you from falling against the wind of struggles.

Te amo…Adios..  

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