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I am certain, my heart will be forever yours.

Three months ago, I was in a whirlwind of emotions.. lost in the atmosphere of boys. I was hurt, and I knew that I’m going to show each and everyone what I was capable of, that even though he used my heart like a toy, I was still capable of being loved. That’s why I mingled with different people, specifically boys that I attract and I have a crush into. It’s the most guilty lie I’ve ever said to myself.  It wasn’t the first time I got my heart broken by a boy, in fact I’ve been so terribly hurt in the past, and I’m really sick and tired of the disappointments in finding “the one”.I honestly admit I was a little excited, that’s why I really got carried away so badly, in search for the boy that will make me happy. It was melodramatic, and I still think that it’s so funny looking back to my old self because I was really confused, kasi I pray and I pray but asan na yung promise mo Lord? Matagal pa ba yun? Nag aantay naman ako but why naman ganern?

And then He spoke to me, and caressed my heart telling me He has a timeline for that. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Little did I know, He wasn’t preparing a boy. 

He was preparing for a man.

Jeyo came into my life like a hurricane. He is the living proof of God’s faithfulness to me. He is my walking list of standards that I secretly told God what I want for a husband. Yes, he was indeed a hurricane, because everything went *swwwwwooooosssshhhh* and *bam!* I was certain, I found what i’ve been looking for. 

God definitely knows everything about me, and he planned every single detail. He has chosen Jeyo for me, as I am for him, this is also why I told God all the gratitude I have in my heart and that I promised Him that I’ll try to be a good wife… yes po, I’ll try and do my best not to make pointless arguments with Jeyo kasi he has a pure soul.  It has been two months ever since he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I am glad that he consistently hits at the top of my heart’s hall of fame where all you can see is a big giant frame of jeyo with the title: “The One” .  I am really thankful to the Lord, I am beyond blessed. I know that I do not deserve this kind of blessing because I admittedly am a sinner, but it is he who planned this all along.. I will worship Him and praise Him till my last breath.

Jeyo, if you are reading this.. My love… Thank you for loving me. I love you beyond eternity.

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