Did I not do my best when I attempted for the nth time to make it? Are my efforts not enough to make it work? Or should I have stopped a long time ago because all my efforts would be futile?

Everyone is expecting that it will work. There is nothing that you can’t do, they said. However, is it really fate telling you this time that whatever you do to get it won’t produce positive results? Even if you yourself is prompting you to stop but your stubborn self did not listen. You are expecting too much from yourself.

Can’t you give yourself a break this time? Will you still have feelings of regret when there is only so much that you can do? The world does not revolve around achieving that, you know..

Take time to mourn over something that you cannot have… Your loss of something is not the end of everything. Do not expect too much. Take time to heal and do not be hard on yourself. Be an inspiration of hope to others; chase your dreams but do not let these dreams kill you.Your fate is not yours to decide.