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A beautiful morning of another day,

And the feeling of sadness of yesterday,

A painful and bittersweet memories of the past

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

That last, because you gave up really fast.

Remembering those memories with fears,

And I have a puffy eyes because of nonstop tears

Our love was beautiful and meaningful,

But you gave up and left so it is painful.

I remember those times you’re begging

Look at me now, I’m wreck because you left me hanging.

Your love was pure and we are not sure,

About our future. And I dind’t spect that your love has no cure

And I thought that time our love was forever

But all of that turns out to be never.

Now, all of it is a summary of our memories of love

Because you broke your promise. And let’s not cross our paths again my love

This is my first ever sonnet that I created a year ago I wrote this out of boredom.

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