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I wished you didn’t treat me special
You appreciated me at my achievements
You encouraged me at my disappointments
You complimented me and tell me how beautiful I am
You are kind to me and I thought you are indeed a gentleman
I admit I already fell for you without you knowing
You don’t know how hard it was to hide my feelings
It was hard to stop my heart to keep on falling
I prayed to God, I don’t want to feel this way
For I was guarding my heart and I know this is not okay
Then one day, I found out, who you really are
There was another
You are just testing the water
Foolish of me to think I was the only special
I fell for you and was on denial
I wanted to get mad at you
I was hurt so badly mind of you
I wished I could blame you for what you did
But why would I, it would be so stupid
I could have stop myself from the very start
I could have stop my dumb heart
Silly of me, a hopeless romantic
Careless to fell from your antic
I know it will be hard for me now
I will take this hurt as my lesson to grow
I may be weak but pain made me stronger
To you, the guy who made me feel special,
thank you, but I deserve better.

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