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The Unsent letter

I love writing letters.
How I wish to receive it once.
Letters are sincere and heartfelt to read.
I love how technology evolves in ways of communication.
A lot of ways to send your thoughts.
But, if I were to choose.
I would love letters to have.
Some media can be sent and Unsent.
Anytime you want.
It challenges the facts about how old days lovers express their love.
I would love letters to have.

I love writing letters.
Freehand writings thoughts are flowing.
Feelings turn into words and it’s growing.
I love your soul more than anything.
Read these words of mine twice if you cannot understand.
You are my favorite person.
How I wish you could feel it in time.
Like how the moon waited for its sun to shine.
You are my love letter.
And I would like you to have.


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