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One thing I realised is that going back to Jesus doesn’t require us to be perfect, healed, or ready; it’s just that Jesus will meet you half way, and even though you don’t know it yet, He is with you in your past. He sees everything you have done and all the mistakes you have committed. From one of the books I read, it says: “There is nothing that I can do to get Him to love me more, and nothing I can do that will cause Him to love me less.” Those times of disobedience, those hurtful words you say to others, those times when you forget Jesus because you’re comfortable—that’s why thanks be to God for putting us through trials to test us so we could draw closer to His presence. Going back doesn’t require anything beautiful from us; it’s just to come to Him even if you’re broken, wounded, lost, and ashamed. When we step forwards and show up, that’s when God will move and transform you. Like what everyone else experienced before in going back to Jesus, it’s not an easy route; there will be twists and turns, confusion, and doubts that will make us believe otherwise, but I believed that when you put in the effort to know Jesus more and to understand the word, God will supply your feelings; He will fill your heart. Maybe you have known a lot of Christians or believers who are struggling, maybe in family relationships or in spiritual battles. Don’t let yourself be discouraged from deepening your relationship with Jesus because going back to Him means changing you, and that only happens if you go through testing and trials from the Lord. People will hurt you and throw shame at you because you don’t go to their parties as often or don’t have time to hang out with them as often as you used to. But that’s okay; that’s normal. Even Jesus experienced mockery; even He experienced being doubted and tortured by humans. Also seek Jesus in times of difficulties; make your foundation as hard as a stone so that it won’t break; make Jesus the stone of your foundation to keep you intact and sealed from the cruelty of the world. People say it’s hard to backslide because you will experience more pain from the world and the guilt that built up in your heart from turning away from Jesus. That’s why turning to Jesus also means allowing your life to unfold, to see your flaws, mistakes, and things you’ve done, because that’s how you will humble yourself to understand without judging and to show kindness and gentleness to those who are just starting as you are. I hope you don’t let the world dictate to you what you can’t be. I hope you don’t conform to the craftiness of evil. The world will tell you how shameful and hopeless you are. But Jesus will and can restore those who have been neglected and feel inferior, and he will make them the light in this world.



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