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Hello, my Love.

I wonder why you always tell me about your flaws, and you never forget to mention all of those before you even state a word as permission prior to your intense but gentle confrontation with me. My darling, I will never get tired of constantly telling you that your imperfections are perfectly beautiful beyond what I see.

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Above all, I know how respectful, disciplined, high moral person, wise, courageous, and a man of honor you are. I have come to express my gratitude for allowing me to love you genuinely with all my heart. You made me understand many things about myself along the way; even though we are miles apart, but one call away to exchange hearts. Indeed, the special one who made me believe that there will always be a kindhearted and compassionate man who will love me even when I am at my worst. I will never regret that I let my soul give you all of my affection.

Darling, it gives me great joy to know that you will have a woman you will love for the rest of your life someday. I am confident that you won’t choose the wrong one while building yourself up. Well, I know how meticulous and picky you are, and you deserve to hold yourself to such high standards. I am looking forward to seeing you have a good time together while admiring each other. I am confident you won’t have to go through the agony of losing someone you love once again.

This would be the last of thinking about you, wondering how you were, how your day went, longing for you before bedtime, envisioning what-if scenarios in my head, and hoping to meet you some sunny day. I can’t express this letter directly to you, but I am so pleased that I could share all of these unspoken words with thousand of people around the world.

Thank you for letting me learn to pray for what man I should seek and look for. I am so honored to put you as my treasure forever. Goodbye, I am now happy to let you go. I wish you all the best every day… even from afar.

This would be the last. It was a pleasure meeting you, my Love.

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