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I was exhausted from waiting in a long line that I was sucking the whole time. Then you came, you were strumming your guitar and I was like ‘ you are good’ I didn’t know why I said that but I did, and you said ‘ hindi naman’ . We were in freshman back then, the same University but different college, so I got to see you from time to time. I got to develop this feeling that every time I looked at you I felt so happy and would feel myself blush.

    The second time I saw you, you were with your friends, I didn’t know if you remembered me but I did, we held a few seconds of eye contact, your emotion was just so plain and blank I can’t seem to know if I am going to smile or not but I just mirrored your emotion I guess, I was shy. Since that day,  every time we got to meet each other everywhere, we got to have a chance to create a world on our own even just for a few seconds by looking directly to our soul.
      For four years, it was like that. No communication, just eye contacts.
      In those four years, I was dreading to know your name but God did not allow it. I was secretly hoping that you would talk to me but nothing happened.
    I just wanna say that you made my heart flutter, every time. You were there somewhere whenever I least expected it. Those heart shuttering eye contacts would make my day. I did not like to shout or jump because you are there, I don’t know but it seems so deep to be just a mere crush. You would make me smile and feel at ease. I felt so calm whenever you were near. My attraction to you was too strong I can never hold it.
  To the guy that I have never known, thank you for making my University life a wondrous one. I never got to know you but I HOPE somewhere in our future we could have the chance to look at each other in the eyes with words and smiles.
P.S I haven’t seen you laugh before.

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