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To the man who likes me but can’t love me, I hope you’ll know that I understand why you can’t. Believe me too, I would if I could. But don’t get me wrong as someone who is just saying these words only to tell you that I’m into you too. I still can’t because just like you, there’s still a lot of things I also need to figure out. I haven’t truly forgive people and I need more time to develop my character. I need to finish the healing process of all the damages I’ve been through.

To the man who likes me but can’t love me, I’ve been praying for you too. I do not broadcast how much I feel about you but you are the loudest part of my prayer. I am fine with just myself, my family and our heavenly father knowing who you are. More than anyone they are the people who can truly provide wisdom and guidance to me.

To the man who likes me but can’t love me, thank you for waiting for me. Thank you for being willing and able to wait while I’m still preparing myself to be equip and ready emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. It could be a long journey but I hope that you will keep waiting. It is true that I am waiting on His perfect timing. It would take time but when I am ready and you are still not, know that I will do the same. I will wait and respect your timeline until you become the man you are called to be.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

To the man who likes me but can’t love me, I love the fact that we are friends now. I think I don’t mind being friends with someone like you because you are responsible in handling your feelings for me. I know that you will not take advantage of me and our friendship because I think you are someone who can respect boundaries. I appreciate your effort to see our friendship as an opportunity for us to know each other, in such a way that we can be true to ourselves.

To the man who likes me but can’t love me, you will pursue me someday. It may not be today, not tomorrow or the day after it. Someday. I hope you’ll discern that I am willing to wait until you can finally pursue me. Until you become the man whom God called you to be. You are right, let’s put this waiting into good use.

To the man who likes me but can’t love me yet, I am the woman who will say “Yes” to you someday.