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Life is full of standards and expectations that sometimes you just can’t keep up. The newest trend in fashion, or the Netflix series everyone is talking about or even the biggest showbiz gossip you see everywhere on social media… Will you take the risk of changing yourself, getting involved in things that actually don’t matter to you just so that you’ll be accepted and have validation in someone else’s eyes? Will you just settle on putting on a show to please everyone you encounter?

You know, even if you try your best in putting best effort, there will be times you won’t be recognized or applauded. There are even moments that people will be disappointed in you. True, it is unfair since you’ve worked hard for it, but the important thing is your intention. Why don’t you just offer all the things you do to yourself, family and most significantly, the Author of our lives? There are people who love you for who you are, not basing everything with the quality of your actions.

At the end of the day, neither your efforts will be put into waste nor your labor will be in vain. Every action you take, every move you make, every step you climb, every plan that may give you a hard time… All these are acknowledged by the One who love you first and know you deeply than anyone. In the eyes of our Creator, He is proud and beaming with joy of your heart with the purest intention.

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That’s why when you do a certain good deed, don’t expect something in return from people. Your Father in heaven will reward you with something greater than you will never imagine. He will be in your favor as long as you remain in Him in this path you take. Of course, you may stumble and fall along the way as well. There will sometimes be shortcoming in things you do or say, but that’s because you are human. Don’t worry or be fearful since there is a God who will love you unconditionally despite your flaws and sinful nature. Repent, meditate on His word and call unto Him all throughout the course of your day. God is just waiting for you to come to Him without any hesitations!

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