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Too many reasons why it shouldn’t be you.
Still, I can’t answer why you.

Strangers yet feels like connected —
This is maybe the reason why I’m easily captivated.


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Smiles that I can’t bear to handle —

Will always be kept in me as my saddle.

Saddle of my boat to get through the roaring ocean.

Saddle that could be the reason why I get through the ocean.


Seems impossible but when with you,

I think, nothing I couldn’t do.


Reasons why shouldn’t you fuels me up, to choose you.

You’re none of the option ’cause it’s only you.


I pains me to realize that I’ve never been a part of you.

But, I won’t regret a piece of me that’s made of you.


I will be always be grateful,

Always be thankful.

I will always say ‘thank you’ that there is you in me,

Even though there’s no me in you.


I assure you, I’ll treasure each smile I’ve collected.

I may not be the reason of those.

But those are the reasons why my soul feels so fascinated.

Fueled up to do more, to be more.

I’ll root on myself, for myself.

I’ll plant, I’ll invest.

So, when the season for harvest,

I’ll get back on you to check if you’re still available and uncollected.

Years, decades, centuries or even millennium,


I’ll search for you ’til our path crossed and be each other’s genuine smiles cause.



PHOTO: https://www.pexels.com/photo/question-mark-illustration-356079/

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