An open letter to you who’s still healing from heartaches, to you who’s easily replace, to you who’s still hurting, to you who wanna go back the time that you had, to you who left by someone with nothing but questions, to you who experienced ghosting, to you who’s been in a unlabeled relationship, and to you who silently winning battles alone. 

Before i start this letter, can this letter get a smile from you? Yes it’s you!  Im
talking you,  Alright.  Love seeing that beautiful smile of yours.

Hey! I just wanna remind you that you’re great, you’re beautiful and you’re brave.

You deserve to fall in love with someone who wouldn’t forget the word “us” when you get blinded by your lacks.

Someone who’s willing to go extra miles just to spend time with you.
Be with someone who doesn’t scared to commit.
I hope you’ll find someone who’ll look at you like you’re one of the greatest thing that happened.
With someone who’ll bug and annoy your day just to caught your attention.
With someone who’s willing to put aside ego just to fix your fight.

Someone wouldn’t let you to sleep with sadness.
Someone who’ll bring out the best of you.
Someone who’ll see your worst and yet chooses to stay.
Someones who’ll hold you tight when things get seems tough and unbearable.
Someone who’s willing to do fun, silly things with you and hey, let me tell you this, doing those things once in a while would be exciting right?
Someone who falls for you everyday
Someone who’ll support, invest, and appreciate you in every possible way

Someone who’ll grow with you,

someone who’s funny as you.

And someone who’ll not make you question and doubt your worth.

You are made by God, you’re special, you’re a blessing. Be more, Go for more. Because deserve more.  Have you found them already? Haven’t yet? trust his timing.