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To my never changing Lover,

As I look back, I realized I’m not the same Merrylyn I used to be.

Not as weak.
Not as naive.
Not as emotional.
Not as loud.
Not as shakable just like before.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I found my strength in You.
In Your wisdom I trust.
I cry for comfort in my distressful days.
You calm me out when I’m overly gay.
You supply me grace and allow me to have a faith built in a strong foundation.

I already have something and someone to believe in. And that’s You and Your promises.

Whenever I feel I’m not worthy, You always remind me the cross – my worth. You always tell me that You love me and You are enough. And I’m so grateful that You let Yourself be encountered by an ordinary person like me.

I’m not yet perfect. I will never be. Still a work in progress. But I know You’re doing something inside of me and I’m very much honored to feel Your support, love and embrace whenever I needed it the most.

Things get harder for me these days but as long as I’m with You and You are with me, that’s enough. Yes, it is enough. You are enough.

Thank You for Your undying support my never changing lover. I may have flaws sometimes but I’ll make sure that it’s still in You where I belong to.


Your not so perfect lover but choosing to love you even she stumble and fall,

Merrylyn of 2019

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